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Valve Stem on Latex

I plan to purchase latex sheet to produce beanbags. The beanbags will be used to measure the contours for people's butts for custom seating. I need to attach a valve stem to one surface of the latex beanbag. The valve stem needs to be similar to the stem found on an inner tube. It must have a large rubber base to glue it to the latex. The stem is then attached to a vacuum pump that removes the air from the beanbag. The result is a contour of the person's butt that can be measured and duplicated as a custom seat. I have two questions: 1. Does anyone know where I can find inner tube valve stems? 2. What type of glue or cement is needed to attach the valve stem to the latex? Thanks, Don


Response by: guest, February 23rd 2007 5:36:35 pm

You can find rubber valve stems for innertubes here: http://patchboy.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=P&Category_Code=vst As far as glue goes you could try the adhesive MJTrends has, as it is for rubber. Or you might try speaking with an auto store to see what they recommend.

Response by: juju993, October 8th 2013 9:25:40 am

Another source is Gemplers.

I have been able to buy value stems in very small quantities form them.