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How strong is Latex Adhesive?

I have a question! How strong is the latex adhesive? I am looking to make gloves with either stretch PVC or Latex... while latex is the better "fabric", will the adhesive be strong enough to hold the seams of the fingers on the gloves? Thanks, ashley


Response by: guest, February 1st 2006 7:40:03 am

Don't use water base adhesive it will come apart. I use a tire adhesive and have for the last 20 years. Contact me about your other question. willcook@inetw2.net bill

Response by: guest, May 4th 2007 11:24:39 pm

Hi Ashley. The adhesive secures a very strong bond and would hold the seams of the gloves just fine - the one thing to think about would be the difficulty of gluing those seams. Most latex gloves are molded for a reason - it would be very labor intensive to create those seams.

I would advise using stretch pvc, as sewing the fingers would be much easier than gluing them.

Response by: guest, March 9th 2006 9:41:10 pm

Curling is not uncommon with the thinner latex sheeting such as .20mm. To assist with this problem you can use double sided tape or allow the latex to curl and wait a few minutes for the adhesive to dry a bit.

Once it has dried some the curling should stop. If the latex has adhered to itself because of the curling, carefully and gently pull the adhered latex apart and then continue with attaching your seam.

Response by: guest, July 25th 2007 3:29:36 pm

I would even try the liquid latex first.

Response by: guest, November 17th 2006 7:18:13 pm

so, what was the conclusion/solution - how do you deal with curling? what bicycle tire adhesive? havingablast@msn.com

Response by: guest, December 18th 2006 8:27:12 pm

About latex adhesive Old e-mail was willcook@inetw2.net You can contact me at new e-mail address willcook@netcommander.com Bill

Response by: guest, January 19th 2007 6:53:04 pm

What I use to glue is http://www.loomisartstore.com/lo/index.asp?page=6&catalogue=129&produit=2471 I used painters tape and made little loops and stuck them underneath but next time I'm going to use double sided tape because the tape curls, while they work, sometimes introduce flaws into your seams which wind up being permanent once they're glued together.

Response by: guest, March 11th 2007 1:41:48 am

th elink provided did not follow through and i cannot find hte product by searching. :( i've been searching for an andhesive brand within the united states and have had no luck so far. the one type that i did try, "barge" did no hold to the latex when my skin started to sweat a bit. so, i am looking for a a waterproof adhesive for latex with the united states. can you help? :)

Response by: guest, May 10th 2007 5:19:18 am

I use Best Test glue and Best Tine solvent. These are made by Union Rubber and I order mine from their web site. It can also be found in Art Supply stores. This is the most commonly used brand for latex clothing makers in the United States. I buy a quart of glue and a case of quarts of solvent. You will use much more solvent than glue. The solvent for cleaning seams prior to glue up and for cleaning off markings from tracing patterns. The solvent can also be used for thinning the glue. In case the link to the direct glue page does not work, you can search on Union Rubber and look around their site to find the glue page. Even though it says "Paper Cement" this is what is used to glue up latex and it works extremely well. You may contact me at winnie_tv_atlanta@yahoo.com Please feel free to contact me. The link to the glue page is: http://papercement.com/index1.html

Response by: Annissë, August 11th 2009 10:29:19 pm

Thanks for the link. Yes, I agree BEST TEST glue and thinner is the best brand to use for making latex, stronger bond I have worked with!

and yes, get more solvent than thinner or will freak out when you get down to your last drops of solvent if you are on a deadline to finish a garment and running out.

NOTHING else will take off that glue, it is VERY strong and no amount of trying to clean it off with water or soap will remove the glue, only solvent will remove it immidiately and use a sponge and wear latex gloves or your hands will dry out.

Make sure you are working in plenty of ventilation too and try to have a fan going and all your windows and doors open as possible. The fumes are very strong from both the glue and the thinner.

Response by: Anthony Canney, August 14th 2011 11:32:57 pm

I am currently using Best Test cement and Bestine solvent.

I cleaned my seams with mineral spirits, one that dried I applied the mix of cement and solvent to either seam. once that dried and uncurled and pressed and rolled the seams.

I am currently using a 2 to 1 ration cement to solvent. The pants I made several weeks ago seem very sound and I cant seem to pull the seams apart. 

However I made a pair of swim trunks on friday and tried them on Sunday. They were loose and thankfully I was able to pull the seams apart so i can take them in.  However some the the details are pulling up on there own. I have been told the glue should cure in 48 hours. 

Should I change up my ratio? or is the cure time just longer?   Reading this thread I feel I should be using equal parts or a 1 to 2 ratio.

I would love to hear your thoughts. 

Response by: Andre , October 20th 2013 10:30:33 am

The solvent based glue MJ sells is strong and waterproof. I dont thin it at all. I have finished a tin without the need to thin it. I place a plastic gift voucher card over the opening while I am busy putting the seams together to prevent it from drying out.

I use the glue when glueing zips and boning. Never had a problem. Even use it on 0.2mm latex with masking tape on the other side to prevent it from curling up too much. Once 0.2 curls over and bonds to itself its realy difficult to get it appart. better to take it appart with solvent and start again.

Response by: Andre , October 20th 2013 10:34:17 am

I also think its better to buy gloves than to glue them together. I made a hood and even when I made the seems thin it was very difficult at the nose and chin. Now you want to do ten fingers. Good luck.

The 4 way stretch PVC stiched will look nice though.

Response by: latexgirl, May 5th 2014 8:36:12 pm

Im scared about Latex streching,anyone has a idea?


Response by: latexgood, June 5th 2014 9:27:56 pm

Solvent Based Latex Glue Seems To Be Stronger Than Water Based Latex Glue.