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Attaching a Zipper to Latex

Posted on: May 5th 2014 8:38:43 pm

Thanks for the advice, gonna use this on my next catsuit :)LatexGirl

Weather help

Posted on: May 5th 2014 8:37:56 pm

Look for Bianca Catsuit...She used to photoshoot in the sea,so its waterproofand...

How strong is Latex Adhesive?

Posted on: May 5th 2014 8:36:12 pm

Im scared about Latex streching,anyone has a idea?LatexGirl

Gluing other types of fabric to latex

Posted on: May 5th 2014 8:34:43 pm

Thanks for the tricks! My boyfriend will like that!Sabrina

Metallic Purple PCV Love

Posted on: May 5th 2014 8:33:52 pm

Wow! Really amazing product!I will order some purple PVC on my next order :)

use of vinyl adhesive

Posted on: May 5th 2014 8:31:28 pm

You need to use liquid glue for latex clothing... And dont forget adhesive cleaner...

First time!! Any tips

Posted on: May 5th 2014 8:29:50 pm

Hi! You should go on Youtube for Tutorials Videos! Its free and really easy to...

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