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use of vinyl adhesive

I am new to working with vinyl, so here goes.

Has anyone tried using the vinyl adhesive sold by MJs? This may be a newbie question but how do you use it if it does not work on the fabric side of the vinyl sheet? How are the seams arranged so that they can be glued together?


Response by: antrices, April 30th 2014 5:11:19 pm

No sorry i normaly sew with vinyl and it works out fine ( pic of something i made :3)

Response by: scarletonthetile, May 3rd 2014 8:57:43 pm

I have never used to glue, I just sew the vinyl with a machine. I use tape on the presser foot so that when you are sewing on the vinyl side it will glide through easily

Response by: latexgirl, May 5th 2014 8:31:28 pm

You need to use liquid glue for latex clothing... And dont forget adhesive cleaner if you put glue on your latex cloth, clean before shinning.


Response by: dalh2755, July 6th 2014 5:02:26 pm

Wow I absolutly love the color of the latex you have in that image - did you purchase it off of this site?

Response by: Andre , November 2nd 2014 9:29:34 am

Vinyl you stich. Get a Teflon foot or apply some lube to the foot when you stitch it to prevent it from sticking.

Don't stich latex. Unless you put buttons on. But even then I glue a small piece of fabric backing on the back to give it strength and then sew the button on. Afterwards I glue some latex over the fabric.