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Local Montreal designer currently studying fashion design and creating collections about the reality of our surrounding environment! Love to use latex - has such a fabulous flow and milky texture! I am from New Zealand originally and enjoy spending time with friends and being in the outdoors!

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New at this, latex thickness question

Posted on: Jul 7th 2014 9:59:06 pm

looks so great! hope you enjoyed working with the latex!


Posted on: Jul 6th 2014 5:13:16 pm

rubber cement works well, and you can find it all over in canada

metals that are safe to use with latex?

Posted on: Jul 6th 2014 5:10:08 pm

The nail polish idea is a great one! I will use that idea too! ahah! thanks!

Latex adhesives out of stock

Posted on: Jul 6th 2014 5:07:00 pm

Are you able to use a sewing machine on latex or do you have to use the adhesive?

use of vinyl adhesive

Posted on: Jul 6th 2014 5:02:26 pm

Wow I absolutly love the color of the latex you have in that image - did you...

Latex Thigh Highs

Posted on: Jul 6th 2014 4:48:45 pm

Yes I have done the same thing with a tight fitting pair of leggings and it worked...


Posted on: Jul 6th 2014 4:44:49 pm

Wow! So beautiful! I love the color and the ruffles at the top is totally adorable!...

Latex sewing

Posted on: Jul 6th 2014 4:40:44 pm

Hi there! I have never worked with latex before and I am wondering if I can use a...

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