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I went to Canadian tire yesterday and asked for solvent based glue...They sold me Contact Cement from LePage , I also bought contact cement cleaner/thinner from Lepage. Will this product work on latex properly? If not...any suggestions of products that I could find in Canada? THX!


Response by: Ry, July 31st 2008 2:35:04 pm

I would advise that you give it a try and see what happens.  It can\'t hurt.  If you have some scrap latex lying around use it on a piece, give it a full 24 hours to cure, and see what kind of strength you get from it. 

Remember, you want to use a flat seam and not a simple edge seam.  Check out the video here if you need clarification:  www.mjtrends.com/tutorial,How-to-make-a-basic-latex-seam.  Also, mjtrends does ship to Canada if you would like to purchase our latex adhesive here:  https://mjtrends.com/categories-Adhesive,Notions.

Best of luck!

Response by: karine, September 9th 2008 12:19:55 pm

Thx a lot!

I did finally purchase the adhesive from MJTrends...and it works wonders! Its easy to use and very solid!

Response by: Kevin, October 2nd 2008 9:27:14 pm

Contact Cement terrible at bonding latex together,  use rubber cement diluted with contact cement thinner.  Brush on seam let dry.  then brush on a second time and let dry then press seams together. 

The edges will roll up when you apply the glue,  once it\'s dried it will relax enough to work with. 

Response by: Ryce, November 2nd 2008 7:56:15 pm

I am trying to make a dress with fairly complex seams and wavey contours. Would the gluing a complex seam be the same as a straight seem? If so, what are the differences? What would make it easier? Also, i am wanting to put corset type lacing on the back of it. How would i reinforce the latex to avoid tearing? Thank you for any help!

Response by: dalh2755, July 6th 2014 5:13:16 pm

rubber cement works well, and you can find it all over in canada