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Posted on: Mar 27th 2010 11:25:47 am

Hey there!   I've tried it, and it does not stay on. It will peel off


Posted on: Dec 3rd 2009 9:14:45 am

its probably talc residu. I usually clean the garment with a bit a solvent, then...

ammonia based glue

Posted on: Dec 1st 2009 2:11:29 pm

Hello! has anyone done projects with MJ-trends Ammonia based glue? How does it...

eyelets and rivets

Posted on: Jul 27th 2009 10:36:31 pm

hello to all! Im having a hard time adding eyelets to my latex garment. Ive tried...


Posted on: Dec 8th 2008 7:44:08 pm

very impressive!!!! WoW

well ventilated area

Posted on: Nov 2nd 2008 8:27:29 pm

As you all know, working with latex requires a well ventilated area. Summer is gone...


Posted on: Sep 9th 2008 12:19:55 pm

Thx a lot! I did finally purchase the adhesive from MJTrends...and it works...


Posted on: Jul 20th 2008 4:06:49 pm

hello!   I went to Canadian tire yesterday and asked for solvent based...

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