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New at this, latex thickness question

Hi there,

I want to attempt to make myself a latex top.  Ive never worked with latex before. I want it to be tight at the bust and flowy at the hips, a bit like the top in the pic.

What thickness latex should i get?  Should i get ticker for the bust area and thinner for the flowy part?

Any input would be greatly appreciated :)



Response by: Addison, July 3rd 2014 7:24:08 pm

You would certainly want a .20mm or .30mm thickness for the flowy part.  Whether you go with a thicker gauge latex for the upper part of the blouse depends on what kind of support you need.  A smaller bust could get away with .30mm, but a larger bust may require .50mm.

FYI - this top looks similar to what your pic was.  I believe it's made with .50mm for the top and .30mm for the bottom part.

Response by: Andre , July 4th 2014 7:48:15 am

I agree. 0.5 mm for the top part and 0.3 for the bottom. 0.2 flows very nice and feels great but if you are not very experienced at working with latex I'll rather stick to 0.3mm.

Response by: dalh2755, July 7th 2014 9:59:06 pm

looks so great! hope you enjoyed working with the latex!

Response by: antrices, September 6th 2014 4:27:55 pm

Lovely! <3

Response by: Andre , September 7th 2014 9:27:42 am

0.3mm Top and bottom would work fine. I would not suggest 0.2mm if it is your first latex project. 0.2 is more difficult to work with. 0.4 or 0.5mm for the top if you need a lot of support. You can buy sample pieces in the thickness and colour you want. This will also give you some indication of how much each thickness will stretch. this will be easy enough for a first attempt. Post a pic when you are done.