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Latex sewing

Hi there! I have never worked with latex before and I am wondering if I can use a sewing machine to sew the peices together or I have to use the adhisive. 


Hannah Rose


Response by: shinyskintight, July 10th 2014 9:04:34 pm

For S's and G's I tried to sew latex and it DID NOT work. The thread got bound up, the latex didn't move, and the hole from the needle made a vulnerable spot for tearing. I have a Viking, it's a good machine, so that wasn't the issue. Just the nature of latex is not meant to be sewn. Hands down best way, is to glue latex seams and use a seam roller after applying glue.



Response by: Andre , July 17th 2014 2:14:42 am

The only way is to glue it. It is actually simple once you get the hang of it. I would recommend the solvent based glue from MJ. Also cutting it with scissors is not a good idea. I have good quality scissors that easily cut it but a rotary cutter works best. you don't want little nicks on the edge that scissors make when you cut and stop and cut and stop. The latex will rip there when it is stretched. Have fun.

Response by: latexgood, September 23rd 2014 6:26:49 pm

Sorry To Say But You Can't Use A Sewing Machine On Latex As It Will Tare Very Easy When It Gets Stretched.