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One of my fun designs inspired by pinup fashion using 0.3mm yellow latex <3 

Couldnt help but put my "cross" logo on the bottom to highlight that it is a MissE design:) Here it is displayed in a local store and i also teamed it with a shield from my jewellery range <3 


Response by: scarletonthetile, June 8th 2014 12:53:21 pm

This is very gorgeous and unique, I love the ruffles! Also your cross logo is amazing, I think it works perfectly on that dress :)

Response by: missefashion, June 9th 2014 4:55:53 am

Thankyou for such a lovely comment <3 never thought id work with yellow but have fallen in love with the colour and design :) 

Response by: Andre , July 4th 2014 8:14:09 am

This is a lovely dress. I still have to experiment with adding logos or writing on my clothing.

Question. I can not see clearly on this photo. Did you reinforce the edges of the shoulder straps with a thin ribbon of latex because it looks very smooth.

Response by: missefashion, July 5th 2014 1:55:17 am

Have fun with your logos :) 

No I didnt reinforce when dress was made, but when I had it photographed the 2nd time I did, to resure the wearer would not course wear and tear :) 

I wish i was tha tcould you couldnt notice my reinforcements haha thankyou for your comment :) 

Response by: dalh2755, July 6th 2014 4:44:49 pm

Wow! So beautiful! I love the color and the ruffles at the top is totally adorable! great design! 

Response by: missefashion, July 7th 2014 1:11:54 am

Thankyou so much for your awesome comment :) So nice to be apart of a blog world that adores latex as much as I do!

Response by: Andre , July 17th 2014 2:01:10 am

Do you enjoy making latex clothing or do you also like to wear it. Do you know of other people in NZ that also wear latex. I live in SA and have never seen anyone wearing latex. There are no shops that sell proper latex clothing. Some online sex toy shops sell the moulded clothing in limited sizes. That's why I started making my own. Have a great day.

Response by: latexgood, September 23rd 2014 6:08:16 pm

Very Nice! I Like The Ruffles On It!