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First time!! Any tips

Hello this will be my first time working with latex sheeting. If anyone has some suggestions to make clothing they are more then welcome! 



Response by: latexgirl, May 5th 2014 8:29:50 pm

Hi! You should go on Youtube for Tutorials Videos! Its free and really easy to understand. Have a nice day


Response by: latexgood, June 5th 2014 9:11:52 pm

Also Practice Practice Practice!!

Response by: Andre , July 4th 2014 8:41:42 am

I would suggest you start with something simple like a tank top or T-shirt. You can buy a sewing pattern. I've used Simplicity's pattern 2116 size A. If you want it loose fitting you can use your size. Use a size or two smaller if you want it to hug your body. I would suggest you start with 0.3mm latex. Look on MJ's website and by the cheapest colour (UK spelling) you can find. I sometimes make the sleeves a different colour.

You can look at https://www.youtube.com/user/overlordjamie Master Jamies youtubes. There are others as well, Like Making latex clothing by Latex Kitty, but she hasn't updated for years. I would suggest you use MJ's solvent based glue. You can tape the edges with masking tape to prevent the edges from curling up. I've added a picture some time ago if I recall correctly. Make little tags by folding the tape back on itself to make it easier to pull off when the glue has dried before you stick the two sides together.

Curved seams are tricky. Practice first with a piece of off cut a few times. Latex Kitty shows how its done. There are even nice tutorials that the ladies of MJ has done for us.

I apply the glue with a brush, its much easier to control especially around curves. 

All the best. Hope this help to get started.

Response by: Andre , July 4th 2014 9:01:40 am

I forgot. I transfer the pattern onto some thick paper 200 gram per square meter. Then you cut it out and lay it flat on your latex and mark it with a gel pen. Then cut it with a rotary cutter. I wash all the pieces in some warm water and dish washing soap to remove the pen lines and talk powder. Then rinse it and let it dry before I glue the pieces. After trying a few items you will figure out for yourself which seams to glue first. With a T-shirt I start with the two seams on the top of the shoulders. then the sleeves starting with the center top of the sleeve on the shoulder seem doing half at a time. Then the sides of the shirt because it is long and straight then the seems on the sleeves. Lastly I glue a narrow piece on the inside of the shirt round the neck. sleeves and waist to reinforce the shirt and prevent the latex from tearing when you put it on.