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re: correct tension for 4 way stretch vinyl

Hi Guys I've sewn 2 way stretch vinyl for ages and had no problems, but upon recently moving over to the much nicer 4 way stretch I find my machine is having issues with correct tension. It often skips stiches, I've changed the tension to every single number on the dial to try and fix and to no avail. I've been using a ball point needle but will move over to sharps now. I don't reinforce the seams with tape Thanks


Response by: guest, February 27th 2007 2:07:34 am

I believe that stretch vinyl is sewn like other stretchy knits:

Claudia Schaeffer says: "When filling the bobbin, set the machine on low or stitch slowly. When wound at a hight speed, polyester and cotton-wrapped polyester threads stretch, causing puckered seams in the finished garment. (Do not use mercerized cotton thread; it doesn't have as much stretch as synthetic threads.)"

She continues:

"Begin with a new needle in the smallest size suggested. Use a Universal-H point, ballpoint (SUK) or stretch (HS) nedle. The rounded points on these needles separate the yarns instead of piercing them."

Use a narrow zigzag stitch and tension the fabric as it goes under the foot. That way when the fabric loses the tension, the zigzag seam can "collapse".

That, or use a serger.

Response by: guest, April 12th 2007 5:17:11 pm

Thanks for your help! I'll try that!