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Iron PVC to remove bolt stretch marks

Is it possible to iron (low heat on the reverse side (polyester)) to remove the stretch marks caused by wrapping around the bolt in storage? If it is possible what settings would be suggested? Thank you for your help in this matter. Chris


Response by: guest, November 27th 2007 10:38:58 am

Yes, it is possible to remove "bolt marks" or wrinkles from pvc fabric by ironing it. I would first recommend steaming it if you have access to a fabric steamer. The reason being that there is a possibility that the vinyl may melt under high heat, and it is less likely to do so when steaming.

If ironing, you would want to use a low heat setting, and set to steam. Please note that too much heat may cause the vinyl to seperate from the fabric backing, and then at higher temperatures will cause it to melt. Take your time and proceed with caution. Best of luck.