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Vinyl Corset Lining?

I\'m planning on making a corset out of patent vinyl, boning and all, and was wondering if it needed to be lined with something else? I know in another thread someone said they used a lining while working with PVC but if patent vinyl doesn\'t have any stretch, then there shouldn\'t be any need for a lining, should there? I plan for the corset to be skin tight, if that helps.


Response by: guest, August 23rd 2006 7:17:41 am

I use a walking foot (it's a foot with rollers on it) to make pvc corsets and binding. It works great. I haven't had any problems with it. I would also suggest using a leather needle. To pin peices together you can also use paperclips or the binder clips work even better!

Response by: Megan, September 17th 2008 4:25:32 pm

Thanks. I think I will definitely be using a lining.

Response by: guest, December 31st 2007 7:22:18 pm

I actually use plastic tape on hems, so it wont leave pinholes, at all. I use the clear wrapping paper type tape and it tears off pretty easily :)