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PVC Glue? Please Help!

Hello! I have a cheap, one-stitch sewing machine and I have to sew my pvc by hand. Does anyone know of a glue which will work with 4-way stretch pvc without making the fabric bubble or peel? Thanks!


Response by: Addison, October 6th 2013 12:42:04 pm

Adhesive for vinyl, stretch PVC, and faux leather fabric.

This past year we added a vinyl adhesive.  Please note that it only works on the shiny side of the vinyl / PVC fabric.  

EG: you could glue the two shiny sides together to create a seam, but you would not glue the fabric sides together or the fabric side to shiny side.

Response by: Ry, February 13th 2009 11:08:03 am

For the amount of extra time you would spend gluing the pvc instead of sewing, you could get a job and earn enough to buy a $99 wal-mart sewing machine :)

The only thing I am aware of for gluing vinyl is the automotive vinyl repair kits - and this isn\'t very suitable for garment construction and it dries rather hard and thick.  Best of luck, and please post back if you find something suitable.

Response by: Jolene, February 16th 2009 11:12:04 pm

Thank you for the unnessarily rude response. I do, in fact, have a job, but as I\'ve heard bad things about sewing machines under two hundred dollars, I decided to explore other options first. I thought that the question was innocent enough.

Response by: Amanda, February 24th 2009 10:35:27 am

I haven\'t personally tried this myself, but you might want to look into glues that they use for scuba suits if you were looking for something that might be flexible and waterproof.

Response by: Jolene, February 24th 2009 8:10:52 pm

Thank you for your help!

Response by: Amanda, February 26th 2009 9:38:41 am

No problem. Let us know how it works if you do try it.