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Using a pleat on vinyl

I'm debating whether or not to use pleats in a skirt I'm making out of pvc fabric. I want to get a good fit, and I figured that using pleats make for a better fit, but I don't know how vinyl will respond to a pleat.

Can anyone offer me some suggestions?


Response by: guest, February 6th 2005 2:35:04 pm

Vinyl fabric is a fabric that has a chemical sprayed onto it, which forms what we call vinyl. If the base fabric is polyester, you get 2-way stretch vinyl. For example, it will only stretch when pulled left to right, there is not stretch in the fabric when pulled top to bottom.

If the base fabric is lycra you get a 4-way stretch vinyl. 4-way stretch vinyl is not quite as shiny as the 2-way, but has a much higher degree of stretch and will stretch when pulled left to right and top to bottom.

Latex sheeting is not a fabric, but is 100 percent rubber. It is typically glued and not sewn. Neither latex nor vinyl breathes very well. Vinyl fabric would probably cause less sweat, because your skin is actually touching fabric. Although, you could use a fabric backing with your latex creations. Hope this helps your understanding.

Response by: guest, October 11th 2004 2:44:15 pm

I think you are referring to darts, not pleats. The key is to make sure that when you are sewing to the end of the dart, that your stiching gets very tight (stitches are close together) and you don't end the dart at too abrupt an angle. Otherwise cupping will occur (fabric puffs out at the end of the dart).

Response by: scarletonthetile, May 3rd 2014 9:22:33 pm

I am currently trying to pleat vinyl, and so far it is working!