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The description  for your 4-way stretch PVC fabric says that it is ideal for "waterproof or water resistant projects".

I am building something where the fabric needs to be fully waterproof (ie it is a container for water). Can you confirm whether it is water resistant or 100% waterproof?

Thank you.


Response by: Donna, January 19th 2009 7:42:35 pm

Can anyone tell me if the vinyl material here or 4-way strech PVC material is waterproof?

Thank you.

Response by: Ry, February 19th 2009 1:54:57 pm

Yes, the vinyl fabric is waterproof.  If you need something for a specific application I would recommend getting a sample to ensure it will work for your needs - you can find them here: https://mjtrends.com/categories-swatches,swatches

Response by: Andre , January 16th 2014 10:06:59 am

The material is completely water proof but I think you need to understand the context in which this statement was made. You can make a coat and if water spached on it it will not go through the material. However it will still leak where you stitched it together. Propper waterproof pvc or plastic rainwear has no backing fabric and is welded together using a high frequency welding machine. The 2 and 4 way material has a backing and the water resistant material is very thin and will pull away from the backing if stretched to far. If your container you wich to make is like a bag it will surely leak unless you glue the material together and the film attached to the backing will surely come undone if the film is on the outside of the bag and you sqeeze the bag.