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Vinyl Plugsuit

My first purchase from MJtrends was this wine color stretch PVC! It was the perfect color to accent the navy blue 4-way stretch vinyl I had purchased at another location to make this suit. It was my first time working with vinyl and stretchy materials so I learned a lot; from putting tape on my presser foot to using small zig-zag stitches. 


Response by: KatieB, October 8th 2013 3:16:02 pm

Why did you put tape on the presser foot?  Was that to help it glide?  I haven't heard of that trick before, but I'll have to try it.

Great outfit by the way! 

Response by: scarletonthetile, October 8th 2013 4:54:15 pm

yes it really helps glide the fabric along! I also used tape instead of pins to keep the fabric together while sewing, but its good to unsticky the tape a bit with your fingers otherwise it may leave residue on your fabric. I just bought regular clear tape at CVS.

Response by: fksewblog, October 10th 2013 11:31:40 am

Thanks for sharing about the tape tip! And this is amazing! Good job!

Response by: Andre , October 20th 2013 11:41:19 am

Great looking suit. Made some pillow cases and a duvet cover. Used latex shine to get it going under the foot. Will try the tape next time.

Response by: Forrest, January 17th 2014 5:18:56 am

I'm wanting to make a latex catsuit, but was thinking about making one out of 4 way stretch vinyl 1st to see how it goes, is this a good idea, then I could use the vinyl catsuit for the pattern for the latex one. Can you just glue the vinyl together instead of sewing it also?

Response by: Andre , January 17th 2014 11:36:33 pm

You probably could but you wouldn't be able to clean the glue of the backing side so nicely if you made a mess as the glue will soak into it. It migh also tear at the seams if you glue the shiny sides together as it wil come of the backing