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   I am going to make a rainsuit like this one (actually, it probably will be this one. It's McCall 6517 if you are interested). It will be my very first time working with vinyl/PVC so I thought I'd ask a couple questions for those of you who may have more knowledge on it than me! Bare with me, haha.

   First, the obvious, anything I should be aware of or watch out for with this material?

   Also, it was my understanding that PVC and vinyl fabric are one in the same, yet MJTrends has two sections for each PVC and vinyl. So what's the difference?

   Are all of these materials waterproof? I kind of assumed they are but looking closer at materials like the gun metal PVC that was posted before, it doesn't really look it. What about stretch PVC fabric? Will it hold out water?

   That's all I had to ask! Thanks for your patience and knowledge. ;P


Response by: Michael, October 16th 2013 10:51:42 pm

There is no difference between the MJTrends PVC and Vinyl other than the fact that their "PVC" is 2-way stretch and their "Stretch-Vinyl" is 4-way stretch.  Both are waterproof.  

As far as what to be aware of when working with the material - it can be tricky.  Get a teflon foot or use pattern paper on top of the shiny side of the fabric to ensure that your presser foot glides well against the shiny side.

A rain jacket should be fairly straight forward.  You may want to use interfacing to stiffen up the fabric.  MJTrends also has a "patent-vinyl" that may be better suited as it's thicker, stiffer, and has almost no stretch to it:


Response by: fksewblog, October 17th 2013 10:30:32 am

Thank you very much. :)

Response by: Andre , October 20th 2013 9:37:34 am

I made a duvet cover from the wine red pvc that i bought from MJ. I first tried to apply a water soluble backing to the shiny side of the material but this was taking to long as I had to wait for it to dry. It is kind of tricky to stitch the material when the shainy side is in contact with the foot. At the end I applied MJ latex shine which helped it to glide better. I suggest you practice first with a piece of off cut material as you have to guide the material through a bit. I had a foot with rollers in it but can't find it anymore. It is a nice coat you picked. I have the exact same pattern. I want to make a coat like that but with latex. All the best. hope your coat comes out nice.

Response by: scarletonthetile, October 20th 2013 1:14:05 pm

I have that pattern! For vinyl/pvc I would say the trickiest part is getting the fabric to slide through the machine, I personally just put a small piece of tape on the presser foot and that alone really helps the fabric slide through the machine! Pattern paper works well too but sometimes you have to pick out the pieces from the stitches once you rip it out, so that can be annoying.