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seams / finishing

I was thinking of making a halloween costume with PVC but before I bought the fabric I'm wondering how difficult the project will be. Besides the heavier needle and teflon presser foot, are there any other factors to consider? When sewing apparel with pvc what is the best way to finish seams in order that they wont have as much bulk. Can you press PVC in the same way you would regular fabric? any input would be appreciated.


Response by: guest, October 22nd 2004 4:35:16 pm

Pressing pvc fabric is not the same as pressing regular fabric because the pvc is stiffer and will not lay the same as regular fabric.

The best way to finish seams so that they have as little bulk as possible is to top-stitch across the fold after you have made the seam. This forces the seam to lay flat. Post back if you don't follow what I'm saying.

Response by: guest, October 23rd 2004 3:46:24 am

Can you serge seams on PVC ? How does it turn out if so ? thanks

Response by: guest, October 24th 2004 11:45:32 am

Yes, I serge all the seams that I do and it turns out very well. You may want a slightly heavier duty needle for your serger. I typically use a 4 thread serge for most of the serging that I do with vinyl fabric.