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Latex Dress

My first latex dress designed for a local music video, modelled by me :) 


Response by: Chloe, June 11th 2014 1:02:35 pm

Wow - that's awsome!  Can you post a link to the video?

Response by: missefashion, June 12th 2014 10:57:09 pm


Response by: Andre , July 4th 2014 7:40:00 am

Awesome dress. 

Response by: Andre , July 4th 2014 7:41:02 am

Awesome dress. Love the long sleeves and frills.

Response by: missefashion, July 4th 2014 8:27:55 pm

Thankyou so much for your lovely comment :) 

Response by: shinyskintight, July 10th 2014 9:10:47 pm

Great job indeed!! The design, sleeves, and frills, are great. It looks like it fits well and I like the heart appliques ;) 



Response by: missefashion, July 11th 2014 1:20:36 am

Thankyou so much for your awesome comment :) I truly appreciate all the feedback


Response by: latexgood, September 23rd 2014 6:19:16 pm

Nice Dress! You Did A Great Job Making It!!

Response by: missefashion, October 6th 2014 4:07:20 pm

Thankyou so much :) I have now since re create two garments using the pieces from the dress, I shall post pics when I recieve them :) 

Response by: latexgood, October 16th 2014 5:56:03 pm

Ok, I Look Forward To Seeing It!