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Costume project: Vynil, PVC, latex, and such...Advices needed!

Hello everybody!

I'm discovering this awesome website, gathering about everything i need, tons of fabrics, and useful advices! 

And here i am, with a cosplay idea. I guess it must be pretty common around here :) I'll definitely come back here when i'll need to get stuff for latex sewing, but it's another day's project!

Right now, i'm working on a cosplay, named Kau. Here's the official picture i got from the game itself.

Main thinking is around the bolero.

-it's shiny

-it's not totally form fitting (yet it might simply be linked to the position), yet it's not full of riddles and folds

Also, i'm unsure about the skirt, i uess it shouldn't be thin. 

The leggings might be done in latex, as they're actually formfitting. 

What are your toughts, chaps?

Thanks for all your help, by advance!


Response by: Chloe, July 3rd 2014 7:40:01 pm

For the Bolero and the skirt I would go with black patent vinyl.  It's stiff enough to give you the desired effect.

For the leggings you could go with either latex or stretch vinyl (it's 4-way stretch).  You'll get a more form fitting fit with latex because it is way more stretchy, but the stretch vinyl is super easy to work with because you can sew it.

Response by: shinyskintight, July 10th 2014 8:56:46 pm

I agree with Cloe. If you do not have any experience working with latex go for the 4 way stretch for the leggins. Would be much easier to work with and you'd still get a tight fit and a nice shine :)

Response by: Andre , November 2nd 2014 9:11:09 am

Both have very valid point. But another perspective. you could make the whole outfit from latex. For the top use 0.8mm latex and make it a bit loose fitting but not to much. This will give you the ability to move easy without it feeling to tight. the same with the skirt part and the leggings make it our of 0.3mm latex and make it tighter. This way your outfit would have a nice uniform look.

Latex gluing is not that difficult. Practice with some cut offs glue some straight seems and some curved ones. I find it easier when you make very curved seams a little thinner.