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4 way stretch pvc

I'm thinking of using the 4 way stretch pvc for this costume. Is that a good idea? :)



Response by: Andre , July 22nd 2014 7:35:57 am

If pvc is your preferred material, then yes 4 way stretch would be the best. You will need a pattern and good measurement if you want it to be tight. I'm sure it will look stunning. Get a Teflon foot for your machine before you start.

Response by: reovase, August 29th 2014 3:06:58 pm

The costume is suppossed to be super shiny, so Im not sure what else I should use?

Response by: Andre , August 30th 2014 12:25:38 am

Latex will be super shiny after you put latex shine on it and you can make it nice and tight.

Response by: latexgood, September 23rd 2014 7:06:39 pm

Latex Can Be Very Shiny If You Put Latex Shine On It, But It Takes Practice To make It Neatly!