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Spiked Wristbands

Whats up!

Here's my latest project. Spiked latex wristbands for my Halloween costume. Double layered .5 latex to add thickness for strength. Definitely needed the hole puncher to create a nice hole without any stress points for the latex to rip. The screw in the back is holding everything nicely. Used button snaps for easy on and off.




Response by: Chloe, October 16th 2014 9:26:50 am

Wow - that is so badass!  Is that black or silver latex that you adhered them to?  It almost looks like steel from the pic.

Response by: shinyskintight, October 16th 2014 1:08:25 pm

Thanks Chloe!! 

It's just regular black latex 0.50mm purchased here from MJTrends. It's just not shined up yet. Not sure if I'm going to shine them either because, like you said, it gives it more of a metal look and a nice contrast from the black opera gloves.

The costume is going to be a villainous character I'm calling "The Doom Machine." I'm making more spiked bands for my upper arms with a different style of spike. Will be using the corset I made for the costume as well. I have also fabricated an insane looking "weapon" which is the origin of the name  "The  Doom Machine." Full costume pics to come soon!

BTW, I did not glue the spikes. They come with flush mounting screws and when put through a small hole punched in latex, they hold up nicely. However, I did have to double up the strips so it would be thicker and a bit more durable to hold the extra weight.

Thanks again for your comment :)



Response by: latexgood, October 16th 2014 5:34:07 pm

Cool! That Looks Badass!

Response by: Reddeadroses, October 16th 2014 8:31:57 pm

Great Item!

Response by: shinyskintight, October 16th 2014 9:42:30 pm

@ Reddeadroses & latexgood- Thank you very much :)

More creations to come soon!

Response by: latexgood, October 17th 2014 2:00:00 pm

Great, I Look Forward To Seeing Them!

Response by: shinyskintight, October 26th 2014 11:15:34 pm

Here's the other armbands I made for my costume. The one on the upper arm.

Revision on the creation:

I had to add a layer of twill tape under what I had already made. Also another layer of latex over that to secure the spikes. They were a little unstable upon wearing them out and they started to peal out of the hole. Now that they are reinforced, they are holding up great!!

Response by: Andre , November 1st 2014 7:19:27 am

Looks awesome. I'll have to buy some spikes next time I buy from MJ. I also glue some material ribbon (not sure what the proper name is) between layers of latex when I sow buttons on latex. and also where I cut the button holes.

Looking forward to see the whole outfit. 

Response by: shinyskintight, November 2nd 2014 3:38:49 pm

Here's the completed outfit. Also accompanied by "The Doom Machine." Basically, "The Doom Machine" consists of a fog machine put inside an ammo case and is powered by a wheelchair battery and inverter. The plastic gun pieces and blue lights came from a kids toy set and the red lights are battery powered led's.

Latex shirt, leggins, and hood purchased from Libidex.

Response by: shinyskintight, November 2nd 2014 3:41:15 pm

Here's what it looks like in the dark ;)

Response by: shinyskintight, November 2nd 2014 3:43:55 pm

My devilishly sexy fiance and I, ready to freak some people out, lol!