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Sewing vinyl

Can I sew pvc fabric with a regular sewing machine or do I need some kind of specialized setup?


Response by: guest, May 10th 2004 12:12:12 pm

Yes, you can sew vinyl with a regular sewing machine. You probably need to buy a stretch needle or heavier needle. You should also get a teflon presser foot for gliding over the pvc fabric.

Response by: guest, May 11th 2004 1:00:00 pm

I recommend that you use some sort of intermediary like scrap pattern paper for getting the presser foot to glide over the pvc fabric. Some pvc fabrics are stickier than others and even a teflon foot is not enough to get the presser foot to glide smoothly.

Place a strip of paper where you plan to sew and then just pull it up after you are done. If you don\'t get all the paper out, you can soak your garmet in water after you are done and the paper will dissolve.

Response by: guest, May 13th 2004 8:55:45 pm

I have heard of some people using vegetable oil on PVC to help it glide through the sewing machine more easily. Has anyone tried this? And does it cause any damage to the fabric?

Response by: guest, November 28th 2006 6:12:10 am

what do I need to use to sew on pvc?