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Reinforcing a PVC seam

Anyone, do you know what kind of glue or tape or other method that would be suitable to reinforce or stabilize the rear seam on a pair of PVC pants? This is 4 way stretch PVC (without fabric bonded). At first wear, the PVC seam was stressed is pulling away at that seam and I can now see through 4" of that pinholed area. All the other seams are OK. Thank you for any advice. Tommy, Charlotte, NC tkoro@cetlink.net


Response by: guest, November 2nd 2005 8:36:01 pm

It depends on what you are making. .3mm is a common latex sheeting thickness for bike shorts, tops, etc. I would recommend .2mm for lingerie, appliques, and more delicate designs. A thicker guage of latex sheeting is best suited for pants and jackets, such as .5mm or .7mm.

Response by: guest, August 6th 2007 2:58:04 pm

What about for dresses?

Response by: guest, September 23rd 2007 6:07:07 pm

.3mm and .4mm are well suited for dresses. If you want more stretch go with .3mm, if you want more durability, restrictiveness, or if you are thinking of sewing go with the .4mm or even .5mm. For the ultimate in pushing up cleavage go with .5mm or even a .6mm - they will give greater support, but obviously they will not stretch as much as the thinner gauges.