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Razer Cut Fasion PVC

I wonder if some one can answer a question.I whant to razer cut a Pvc skirt on the sides. Does PVC not rip? I also saw a site that had some directions but I did not save it If some one could help that would be great thanks


Response by: guest, January 11th 2005 4:36:59 pm

PVC fabric is less likely to rip than other fabrics because of the vinyl coating. The vinyl will act to prevent the polyester backing from fraying. This does not mean that it will not still tear. I suggest that as long as the area you want to rip is not going to be under much stress, you would be fine.

Response by: guest, February 21st 2005 1:47:10 pm

Just ripping the PVC will result in a ragged and warped edge with the plastic stretched beyond its point of return. You will also see dull streaks in the surface far away from the rip where the plastic has stretched to accommodate the rip.

Response by: guest, March 14th 2005 10:07:49 am

Hi, That would be much easier to cut pvc fabric with a hand held driven slitter. You should be careful, while cutting the pvc fabric, due to its elastisity, which may be deformed during the cutting. If you can to clamp it down, prior to cut, would give you a perfect cut. Let me know, if you need further technical assistance ? Javad Textile Engineering Manager javad.madanipour@teknion.com