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Vinyl Wrinkles

I have vinyl that has already been printed on, but has wrinkles and creases. I am having a lot of trouble getting out the wrinkles and creases. I don't want to damage the print or colors. I have tried heating the vinyl in the sun, but it hasn't worked well, and with a lot of vinyl, it's not time effective. I would greatly appreaciate any tips. Is there a machine that would help me out. Thanks for the input!


Response by: guest, January 11th 2005 4:35:02 pm

Depending on your use for the vinyl, I have found that if you have wrinkles in vinyl apparel, often times wearing it can help remove wrinkles, as the movement and heat from your body will get rid of them.

Response by: guest, January 11th 2005 4:41:30 pm

I have tried to use a steam treatment on pvc fabric with limited success. It depends on how "deep" a wrinkle you have. I have one of those professional steam cleaners at home that I used and it worked ok. You might want to look into some kind of steam treatment.

Response by: guest, March 14th 2005 10:01:34 am

Dear Friend, Vinyl (PVC) fabric, sometimes being laminated with a variety of different backings, as per following: 1)- None-woven 2)- Weft single knit 3)- Plain woven fabric...etc I do suggest to use the last one, which give you some stability (consolidation) and reduces the elastisity of the vinyl. Please, feel free to contact me, if you require further technical assistance ? Javad Madanipour Textile Engineering Manager javad.madanipour@tenion.com