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I hope to make a pair of lounging pajamas. I am OK with pattern making, cutting and gluing, but I have no idea how to put elastic in the waist of the bottoms. Can anyone enlighten me?


Response by: JP, January 17th 2015 6:49:52 pm

What do you want the waist to look like?

I use latex cut into a strip and glued on.  

Easiest if you have some form that you can stretch the waist around to keep it even, something only slightly larger than the loose circumference of the waist.  A bucket, for example.

Cut the strip of thicker latex that you're using for elastic, glue it into a loop, let that joint set up well.

Put a stripe of glue around the top of the waist of the pants, matching the width of the strip that you're using for elastic.  

Stretch the loop around the waist of the pants, just below the line of glue, and get it laying flat, then put glue on it, too.

Carefully work your way around the waist, folding the glued pants waist down onto the strip of elastic so that everything lays together smoothly.  Let it set.

When you remove it from the form, the elastic gathers the pants waist, just like ruffled cuffs.

Response by: Andre , August 7th 2015 9:46:05 am

I hope I can explain clearly what I have done.

I used a piece of 0.8mm latex that I had. I cut a strip 2 inches wide (50mm) then I fitted it around my waist until I was satisfied that it was tight enough and noted the length for future reference. I then marked it along the length of it in the center with a gel pen. I brushed glue on the two ends 10mm wide and glued the ends together like you would glue a latex seam. Now you have piece that looked like a big elastic band. I then put glue on the side where I marked the center with the pen covering the whole surface. Then I folded the one edge to the center line right round and then I folded the other side. Now I had a big elastic band 25mm wide and 1.6mm (double the 0.8) thick. This will prevent the latex from tearing from the edge where you've cut it when it is stretched. I then marked out a 10mm piece on the inside and the top of the waist where I applied glue and also a line 70mm and 80mm from the top seam where I also applied glue. Now you place the elastic on the area between the two glued areas and you start folding the seam over until the whole seam is glued with the elastic on the inside. Right at the end squeeze out most of the air that is trapped in the seam. Hope this makes sense.  

Response by: Andre , August 7th 2015 9:49:48 am

Sorry I forgot to add this. This is the pattern I used.