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Help please!


I'm a cosplayer and about to start working on the below Sailor Moon cosplay as designed by No Flutter.

I want to do the whole think in a combination of Latex and PVC but I could really use some advise on the fabric.I'm breaking the top down into two pieces: a leotard and a bolero. I don't have any experience in latex but I have worked in PVC before. I want the leotard to be very fitted and I need to achieve fullness in the skirts. I was thinking of a .20 for the blue so it is really lightweight and can get volume. Also maybe a .20 in the white for the puffs on the shoulders and the gather in the front of the skirt. Maybe a .20 for the red longer skirt. Obviously I'm thinking the lighter gauges so I can get fullness and have it not too weighed down. Any advice would be very very appreciated. I really enjoy seeing everyone's work here and the help you give one another.

I hope everyone's holidays were very safe and peaceful.

Thank you!


Response by: JP, January 17th 2015 6:59:11 pm

You definitely need to post photos when you're done, that looks like it should be an amazing costume!

Haven't done skirts myself, but I think you're on the right track sticking with lighter weights if you want volume. 

The thinner the material, the trickier it is to work with.  Buy more than you need and practice first.

Response by: Andre , August 7th 2015 9:13:40 am

If you use 0.2 it would hang quite flat against your body and wont really puff up. I would rather go thicker. 0.3, 0.4 or even 0.5. Look on YouTube or the web at Marilyn Yusuf. She wears clothes with frills and puffy sleeves. Her garments look like 0.5mm.