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Create Patent Vinyl / PVC bias binding to match your garment!!

Hello MJTrendster's!

Just wanted to share a way to create your own Patent Vinyl or PVC bias binding that matches your garment. Save the scraps after you've cut your pattern, you may just have enough to be able to use that for this process :)

The numbered photos above correspond to the steps numbered below.


I have been having trouble locating a suitable bias binding to finish the edges of my patent vinyl and PVC projects. Bias tape makers are not suitable for these materials due to the "sticking" that occurs while they are put against metal (that's also why they have special presser feet specifically for these types of materials). Until now, I've just been rolling over the edge of the garment, top- stitching and done. Sounds easy, well sometimes. But on some garments, in my opinion, it just doesn't give a good clean, professional finished look. And sometimes can be difficult to actually get the material to stay where it needs to be while top stitching. So, I got creative and came up with this!

I'd love to hear any comments / suggestions- feedback from anyone who's tried this or has a different method of achieving the same result. Just wanted to put this out there in hopes that it can help make a clean finished look to your Patent Vinyl or PVC garment!!

Materials needed:

1 1/2" - 2" wide strips of material being used (lengths will vary upon raw garment edge dimensions) Note: I've found using wider piece will  give the feed dogs something to grab on to while doing this process. One may find a suitable width smaller than this for the same result.

1/4" wide Wondertape(tm) (Again, amount will vary depending on raw edge lengths of garment)

Seam gauge & preferred erasable marking utensil suitable for material


1. Cut desired length of fabric being used. Add about another 1" so it can be folded behind 1/2" on each start and finish edge.

2. On wrong side of material, run a strip of 1/4" Wondertape(tm) along edge.

3. Peel off protective backing from Wondertape(tm) and flip the right side of fabric over to stick wrong side to wrong side.

4. Run another strip of Wondertape(tm) slightly under the edge created in last step. This is now the first part of the bias.

5. Using seam gauge and marking utensil, on right side of garment, mark 1/4" from raw edge. Using this line as a guide, peel off backing from  step 4 and stick entire piece of bias along raw edge of garment. Remember to fold at least 1/2" behind both start and end!!

6. Fold bias underneath to wrong side of fabric. (Optional, but helpful, run one more piece of Wondertape(tm) along the inside raw edge of garment to ensure the bias is held in place when folded).

7. On right side, top-stitch 1/8" from edge of bias.

8. Flip garment over to wrong side and carefully trim bias down to desired width.


Repeat same steps on the rest of raw edges of garment.

In this example I was working on an under-bust corset.

Tips for corsets:

IMPORTANT...take boning out before doing first application of bias

IMPORTANT.. after completing first bias application PUT THE BONES BACK IN all the way to that finished edge before applying bias on the other raw edge!!!!

Side tip: Some places can be a bit thick to sew over, ie existing seams folded over in the garment, so be sure to have presser foot tension on a low setting (if available on your machine) or material will not move and thread will get bound up in these locations. It is also helpful to use left hand to gently pull the garment through when stitching in these locations to continue a smooth stitch over thicker areas.

I hope this can help everyone out there wanting a clean professional looking bias finish that matches their Patent Vinyl or PVC material used for the garment!! Questions or comments welcome :)




Response by: Addison, November 13th 2015 12:27:58 pm

Thanks for passing this on - I know a lot of people who will find this useful!

Response by: shinyskintight, November 24th 2015 1:35:17 pm

Thanks for the compliment Addison! Yes please, share this as much as you can! That's why I came up with the post, I want to help others make great looking PVC projects ;)



Response by: shinyskintight, June 23rd 2016 4:43:14 pm

Just wanted to share another project I added my own bias binding to. I made this underbust corset awhile back but I'm going to wear it out to an event later this summer and wanted to tighten up the look a bit. I used the same patent vinyl to make the binding which is the same material I used to make the corset. Used the technique I described in this post to make the binding. Also added a modesty panel while I was at it. 



Response by: djpassion7@hotmail.co.uk, March 11th 2019 5:20:07 pm