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Reupholstering amotorcycle seat

I have an ostrich vinyl I want to reupholster a motorcycle seat with. I tried unsuccessfully, once. The front portion is complex, with concave and convex surfaces, curves and planes. The rear section is relatively simple with a large flat surface and side bevels. It's one-piece, if that matters. Researching in retrospect, I believe this material to be a "two-way" stretch. I can do either the front OR the rear quite well, but the other part will inevitably be puckered. To salvage the remainder of the material, I was wondering if someone might know if this would work. Could a piece of the material to cover one of the sections be cut and turned 90 degrees to facilitate stretch in the opposite direction, and sewn together? The pattern is essentially non-directional, so that's not an issue. I wondered if the material would be stressed from the stretch bias in different planes. There is some stretch both ways, but it's definitely more pronounced in one direction. Thanks for looking, and any advice.


Response by: guest, February 11th 2005 6:52:40 pm

The crease about 1/3 across is where I thought about possibly sewing another piece at 90 degrees to the other to allow for contouring. Thanks again.