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4 Way Stretch PVC Projects

What's up MJT!

I've recently began working with 4-way stretch PVC (bought from MJTrends) and wanted to share a few pics and some tips to help others if they plan on working with that material. It's a little bit different than regular PVC or even Patent Vinyl.

The best advice I can give for sewing 4 way stretch pvc is this:

  • Make sure you use a "Stretch" needle. It's a needle specifically made for sewing fabrics like this. It's amazing how much of a difference it makes.
  • Use a vinyl fabric presser foot (ie walking foot, Teflon coated, or use masking tape on regular foot)
  • Use a thin all-purpose thread. DO NOT use heavy thread. It will ball up and jam, a lot. And heavy gauge thread will rip your material which is not good. If the thin thread breaks, you can just go back over that and it wont screw up the material.
  • If you use a straight stitch for seams, make sure to go over it with a zig-zag stitch or use serger /overlock to finish it out. This will provide strength and flexibility to the seam so it doesn't break when pressure is applied.

First is my simple pair of leggings. I made this pattern myself.

More projects to post soon.


Response by: shinyskintight, September 19th 2015 1:03:12 pm

Here are the leggings with separate socks I made for them. The top seam of the leggings got a little screwed up as I was not using the stretch type needle at this point. 

Response by: shinyskintight, September 19th 2015 1:04:21 pm

Here's the 4 way stretch long sleeved shirt. I ordered this pattern from MJTrends!

Response by: shinyskintight, September 19th 2015 1:05:53 pm

Back view of long sleeved shirt. I only used a 10" zipper but probably should've used one that was about twice that size. It's definitely a tight fit ;)

Response by: shinyskintight, September 19th 2015 1:06:47 pm

Here's what the shirt looks like on me :)

Response by: shinyskintight, September 19th 2015 1:07:17 pm

Back view of shirt on me.

Response by: shinyskintight, September 19th 2015 8:17:02 pm

While creating the pattern for my leggings, I messed up first time around, oops :/ So, I scrapped the first pair. I cut off the legs then added a red contrast top for length to make a pair of stockings :)

Response by: shinyskintight, September 19th 2015 8:32:39 pm

For the remaining waist piece that was left over on the first pair of scrapped leggings, I used it to make a garter belt! Garter clips are from MJTrends.

Response by: shinyskintight, June 30th 2016 6:12:25 pm

Here's another 4way stretch pvc piece I just made. These shorts were created from a 4-panel custom fitted pattern I made myself. I wanted to go with the 4 panel for these as it was a test to see if I could add a full zipper all the way through front waist to back waist. And since it worked out, I'm now working on the shorts that include the full-zip. Will post those pics soon.

 This pattern design was also a trail so I could use this section for future projects. I'll be using it to create more pieces like leggings with a full-zip and a catsuit that includes a full-zip from the front waistline all the way thru and back up to the top of the neckline. 



Response by: shinyskintight, June 30th 2016 6:14:15 pm

4 way stretch pvc shorts back view. 

Response by: shinyskintight, June 30th 2016 6:41:31 pm

Here's the new pair with the full zip. Still need to add a waistband to cover the top section where the zipper tape extends up past the zipper teeth and act as a stop for the back part of the zipper so it doesn't come completely apart when unzipping. I couldn't find the right style of zipper so had to settle with the separating. Also need to finish out the bottom edge seams. 



Response by: shinyskintight, June 30th 2016 6:42:37 pm

4way Stretch PVC with full zip, back view.

Response by: Chloe, July 1st 2016 9:08:52 am

Hey Shiny!  Love the pics and the advice.  The shirt came out great!  Did you ned up adding any bias tape to finish off the collar?

Looks like your shorts also came out nicely.  Another idea might be to add a button at the top front to keep that zipper from accidentally working it's way downward ;)

Sewing Needles: I agree with you on using a 'Stretch' needle.  I use the 'Sharps' from MJTrends - a regular needle tends to skip stitches when working with vinyl.

Stitch Types: I like to use a straight stitch for vertical seams, and I use a stretch stitch for horizontal seams or any topstitching that goes horizontal across the garment.  That way I retain the fabrics stretch where I need it most - which is typically left to right.

Also, if I'm not in a rush, I'll stitch down the seams to flatten them out.  I feel like it gives more of a 'off-the-rack' professionally made look.

Response by: shinyskintight, July 23rd 2016 12:14:00 pm

Hello Cloe! 

Thank you for the lovely compliments and comments :) 

For the shirt, I actually did not need to add any bias to the collar. It fits comfortably tight around the collar and I was unsure if I added bias it might be just a little bit too tight. I did the simple fold over and stitch down method. It works, but I'm curious if this may lead to the collar edge coming apart later. Probably will depend on the amount of wear and tear I put on it. 

For the shorts, true, a button could help because wouldn't want them to just come open, lol.  However, for this particular zipper I used the locking type with the little metal tab on the inside of the zipper. That way the zipper has to be pulled on the tab for it to move down. My plan is to add a waistband to smooth out the front and hide the back part of the zipper. Also to keep the back from completely coming undone as this is a separating zipper and the waistband would stop the zip from going all the way to the back edge.

Which MJT needle do you use for stretch vinyl? Have you done any Patent Vinyl projects? Curious to see what needle you use for those. I never realized how much these things need to be taken into account on stretch vinyl, vinyl, pvc and patent vinyl projects. Recently I began to study how different needle types work with all the different materials. Also taking into account tread types and thicknesses of the threads combined with certain needles have really made a big difference on what I have been able to achieve with ease! I used to think a needle style/point only mattered, now I know the size is a huge factor as well. 

Thanks for the tips on the stitch types. Do you like the way the stretch stitch looks if it is done as a topstich? I mainly use a zig zag stitch for stretch but I'm not sure if I would like that look for a topstitch. I use a straight topstitch for aesthetics. What style of strech stitch do you use when topstiching? I agree with you on taking a little extra time to sew down the seams to create a professional look. Almost like a French seam. It does help the look of the final project :) 

Thanks again for all your comments and compliments! 

Cheers ,


Response by: shinyskintight, July 23rd 2016 12:14:47 pm

Response by: shinyskintight, July 23rd 2016 12:19:43 pm

Here's a quick pic of another stretch pvc project I did. Pillow covers! They were very simple to make and look nice with a good sized pillow in them to really fill up the case and give it a nice tight look. As one can see, the pillow on the left looks much better in the case as opposed to the thinner one on the right. Either way, they are great to have around! Now I need to make a matching sheet set ;) 

Response by: Chloe, July 25th 2016 9:36:02 am

Those came out great - which fabric did you use for the pillow covers?  

Response by: shinyskintight, July 25th 2016 1:34:19 pm

Thanks Chloe!

I used the black MJTrends Stretch PVC!