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Avoiding metal stains: plastic snaps

Recently decided to make myself a men's dress shirt, but didn't want to worry about metal stains from using brass snaps, or the hassle of getting stainless snaps perfectly set.

Diapers to the rescue!  KAM plastic diaper snaps are the right size to replace the buttons on a man's shirt, they're strong enough to work as shirt buttons, and they're entirely plastic, so no worry about staining.  I'd used them years ago for cloth diaper covers, but now, they're available in all sorts of colors, not just black and white.

These are brass-toned, to go well with the purple metallic shirt.


Response by: JP, September 19th 2015 10:21:07 pm

They're also less expensive than metal snaps, and easier to work with.  Wouldn't use them for high-load pieces where you really do need a metal snap, but for anything where a button would work on cloth, I think these would work on latex.

This pack with tool was $25 at Amazon -- maybe something MJ Trends should add to their notions selection?


Response by: Chloe, November 13th 2015 12:20:19 pm

Thanks for passing on that find!  

FYI - If you're in a tight spot and all you have are metal buttons, you can also put a coat of clear nail polish on them to server as a barrier between the metal and the latex to prevent staining.