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Latex Wedding

What's up MJTrends!

Just wanted to share a couple pics from my latex wedding last Saturday. I know this is not really a DIY post, like I normally post, but wanted share the shiny and happy day with you all. And to share this in hopes that maybe it can inspire someone else for a theme for a unique, classy, and sexy wedding ;)




Response by: shinyskintight, October 1st 2015 10:03:15 pm

Response by: Chloe, October 2nd 2015 9:11:27 am

Wow - that is so awesome!  Congratulations on your wedding!  Love the outfits - what a great inspiration to others who may want to do the same.

Response by: JP, October 5th 2015 8:14:50 pm


Did you do your own shirt and jacket?  What patterns did you use?

Response by: shinyskintight, October 6th 2015 1:47:39 pm

Thanks for the compliments, Chloe and JP :)

@JP - Unfortunately, I did not make any of these items. Not to say that I couldn't have done it, I just didn't have the time. Most of my time was spent planning and doing other projects for the wedding itself. Honestly, I felt more comfortable ordering the outfit knowing it would be spot on professional and look top notch. Plus they were all made-to-measure, so they fit really well and are superior quality made garments.

We ordered from a few different places. I got my suit jacket, pants, shirt, and tie all from Libidex. In my opinion, they seem to be one of the most well rounded places to get latex for men. A lot of latex providers are mainly geared towards women and maybe have one or two items for men. But Libidex has a lot of really nice stuff for men. We got my wife's outfit from HW Design, Lady Lucie Latex, and Dead Lotus Couture. The best thing about these outfits is that we'll be able to wear them again anywhere we want. Most women put their wedding dress in a bag in the closet for a memory. My gal is definitely wearing hers again and I too will be wearing my suit for many different occasions :)

Thanks again for the compliments!



Response by: mythicalgriffons@hotmail.com, November 16th 2015 7:53:54 am

This would be a really fun idea, Hyour wife's dress is also very pretty!!