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adhesive question

Hi everyone. I'm petty new to this post. I have a quick question. I got ammonia based adhesive last year from MJT. I did not have time to use it for a while then I start thinking about making my outfits again few weeks ago. When I opened it which is so thick and hard to use. So what kind of thinner I can safely use to thinning it without changing thier texture? It could be so basic but i don't find answer.Thank you.


Response by: Addison, October 14th 2015 9:43:29 am

With the solvent based latex adhesive, if it gets thick you can always add some thinner to it.

However, with the ammonia based adhesive, once it becomes solid it is ruined.  The process cannot be reversed.  If it is thick, you can attempt to thin it by adding water and shaking the can vigorously.  It's critical to keep air out of the can for storage, else the ammonia based latex adhesive will harden.

Best of luck!

Response by: norio, October 14th 2015 10:50:29 am

Thank you so much! I will try it tonight after my work finished.R(^o^)˜¦

Response by: JP, November 4th 2015 11:29:32 pm

Adding too much plain water to ammonia-based latex can tip the pH far enough for the latex to start coagulating.  I usually dilute it with 50/50 water and clear household ammonia.  (Handy if you ever need to thin it a lot to use it in an airbrush for spraying even coverage over a larger area, or if your old half-used bottle is getting a bit thick.)

Response by: norio, November 5th 2015 1:19:25 am

Hi JP. I already add some water in my bottle. It seems OK for now but It sounds like I shoud get ammonia from drag store anyway. Thank you for your advice!!

Response by: JP, November 13th 2015 9:05:53 pm

If you've already thinned it and it's working well, no need to add ammonia now, but I'd use some next time if you have to thin it again.