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pvc fabric for raincoat

Can anyone tell me if pvc fabric is suitable for use in a rain jacket? If not, can you tell me what fabric would be suitable for use in constructing a rain coat?


Response by: guest, March 21st 2005 8:57:55 am

PVC fabric is 100% waterproof, so as far as water-repellancy goes, pvc is what you need. Stretch pvc is not as thick or durable as the vinyl that you typically see used in rain coats in the store.

I would recommend using either patent vinyl or possibly automotive vinyl if you want something heavy duty. I guess it depends on who you are making it for, and how they are going to use it.

For children, the 2-way stretch vinyl fabric is probably better to make a raincoat from because it is lighter and less restrictive.

Response by: guest, April 1st 2005 10:25:27 pm

I have made a rain jacket from patent vinyl. Patent vinyl fabric is thicker and that is what I wanted, but a little difficult to work with. You have to use a heavy duty needle, and a walking foot sewing machine wouldn't hurt either, but isn't necessary.

Another thing to note is that patent vinyl fabric is much shinier than the vinyl that most raincoats are made of (I usually think of the typical raincoat as having a "matte" finish, almost more of a rubber than a vinyl).