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White Latex...

Does anyone know if MJ's white latex is always more of a cream color then a white? i've seen pictures of people in white latex and it looks very white but i got metallic pink and white from MJ and it seems more of a cream then white. It will still work for what i am making but i wondered if there was a such a thing as white white in the latex world.


Response by: Andre , November 28th 2015 10:57:29 am

I have also bought some white latex. 0.3 mm and 0.5mm. The 0.3 mm is white and the 0.5 mm is more cream than white. Don't know if it is to do with the thickness.

Response by: shinyskintight, December 21st 2015 6:36:15 pm


Yes, the white latex from MJT is more of a cream, or eggshell, color. This is correct. Mostly all latex manufacturers produce "white" latex as more of a cream color. This is due to the natural properties of latex that make it difficult to achieve a pure white color during the dyeing process. With any type of manufacturing, it's also possible that different batches of latex, from the same manufacturer, can vary slightly in color than another batch made at a different time. Thickness can also be a variable, as thicker latex is more opaque resulting in a more rich, full, and true color. This is why, as Andre mentioned, his thicker latex is more of a cream color than the thinner latex.  

I'm not trying to be an a**, but I'm sure you know photos can be edited. Just keep that in mind when comparing what you're holding in your hand to what you see in a photo. It's actually a pretty easy edit to make a cream color appear white, even without fancy photo editing software. A free basic photo editor could achieve this type of color editing. 

I won't be specific but I will say there are companies that offer "pure white" latex. But to be honest, its unbelievably expensive and can be stained almost instantly. In my opinion, not worth it and MJT has a great selection of quality latex here!

Just a side note.. I'm NOT an employee or any way affiliated with MJT, other than I'm a long time customer who has been very pleased with this company and its products.



Response by: Andre , December 22nd 2015 4:43:40 am

Just to add to what Shiny said. White (light cream) and natural latex stain very easy. And you would be surprised how. When you place the tin the glue comes in on the latex and there is moisture between the tin and the latex it can get stained permanently. Metals are a big culprit. Eyelets that is not stainless or plastic will stain your latex permanently. Copper coins that you handled with sweaty hands can rub of on your garment and stain it. The latex shine that you buy from MJ helps prevent stains but care still has to be taken with light or transparent colours.