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4-way Stretch Opera Gloves

Hey everyone!

I'm working on a pair of 4-Way Stretch Opera Gloves. Has anyone ever tried to make something like this? I'm having one heck of a time getting the fingers to come out correctly. Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated :)

Here's how I started first time around: Cut out fabric, sewed thumb, then sewed the inseam sleeve and then tried to work on the fingers. That did not work :( It was way too difficult to work around the inside of the fingers. Here's a shot of that trial.


Response by: shinyskintight, November 24th 2015 2:18:07 pm

Then I went ahead and tried to start in reverse of what I did before. Cut fabric, sewed thumb, then tried to do fingers before the inseam. But I'm still just having a hard time getting the fingers to come out looking good. I'm happy with how the thumb looks. But trying to use a gusset in between the fingers seems almost impossible to sew correctly. The pics look alright at first glance. But if you look close you'll see the stitching is way off and is all funked up between the pinky and ring finger. So I just skipped the gusset in between the ring and middle fingers and between the middle and index fingers. But then it fit so tight i could barely get my finger in there, even with it being 4 way stretch. That's why you can see my fingernails more prominently on the index and middle fingers. Because it was SO tight.

If anyone has any helpful tips for making gloves, it would be much appreciated!