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Transparent sleeves

A shirt I made a few months ago with transparent sets in the long sleeves. Also in the first pic, see the Rubber shower curtain I made. More on that in another post.


Response by: shinyskintight, December 21st 2015 12:08:34 pm

Nice work! Transparent sleeves look good with the black. Couldn't see from the pic, but is there any zipper on the back? I know without one it makes it a little more difficult to get into, but also can be more visually appealing ;) 


Response by: Andre , December 22nd 2015 4:54:34 am

Looks great. I made a long sleeve shirt where the sleeves are completely transparent. Like your idea too. What thickness latex did you use?

Response by: DCRubberGuy, December 22nd 2015 8:10:49 am

Hi there,

Shinyskintight - nope, there isn't a zipper. I use them as little as possible - prefer the smooth and I don't mind the struggle - it's part of the fascination :):):)

Andre - the latex for this is .50mm natural transparent and the black is actually black/silver reversible.

Cheers // DCRG