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Transparent Smoke Long-sleeved Shirt

The transparent blue full-suit took backseat to a transparent smoke long sleeved shirt in .50mm. The suit I patterned from an older custom suit I had made about 15 years ago. It started popping holes all over the place so I cut it along the seams and used the pieces to create a pattern. The shirt fits me like a glove! Now I can't wait to get the suit done. It's all cut out - I just have to seam it together. The thing that's cool is I can use the full suit pattern to make shirts, pants, shorts etc. Now to wait for a good hood to start to decay :)


Response by: DCRubberGuy, December 23rd 2015 8:12:04 pm

Here are a few more pics of the shirt with me not in it :) No zips - just the fun full-on struggle!

Response by: shinyskintight, January 7th 2016 11:56:13 pm

Great job! Looks like it fits well for sure. Loving the color. Looking forward to seeing that suit you mentioned.