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latex bed sheets

has Anyone out there ever made a set of bed sheets from latex.I would like to try and make my own.My skills are limited,the top sheet seems quite eaasy,just a matter of gluing,but how about a fitted sheet for the bottom.Can anyone tell me how I could go about making one.Im also wondering about what thickness would be good. Thanks Lenny


Response by: guest, May 27th 2006 4:27:04 pm

I would recommend nothing thinner than .3mm latex sheeting, otherwise you run a pretty good risk of having it rip. To create a fitted sheet I would recommend that you fold over the edge of the sheet and glue it to itself, and then glue elastic into the fold at the corners. Well, that's the general idea anyway. Good luck!

Response by: guest, October 26th 2005 4:49:25 pm

Hmm Splits in PVC ... PVC is static style mixed with sweat! Must be why goths like it, so they can just stand around looking at one another. :-P EEEEEEEEnyway, I have had problem around the centre back seam splitting in boys pvc pants when they crouched down! LOL. Ive tried sewing the centre back seam in trousers and stretching it a little so it allows some slack in the thread when it is sitting normally. You cant usually tell too much by just looking at it, and it gives a bit more stretch in this area........it may help?

Response by: guest, June 26th 2008 4:33:37 am

ok when your sewing stretch the fabric for one thing i like to also take a strip of extra material and back the seem all the while sewing it stretched as far as it can without ruining the pvc it can seperate also a big tip the closer it is to you crotch the less it tears im a guy and made a sort of superheroesque costume for showing off and made 2 models before a got it right have fun also some types of PVC can have tiny pinholes your skin can breath a little and you may also want to play stitch a while till you get your tension right or youll go back over and over when you miss stitches also stitch then pull then stitch again in clothes youll be stretching the stitches will tear the double sewn garment will allow for one tear to be held together by the othe stitch last but not least dont extend PVC to far as some might seperate from the spandex backing but the rewards are a future or goth or spacey costume that will impress even the prudest of folks bye yall