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That new green/black stretch snakeskin -- perfect timing!

MJ Trends had perfect timing announcing their new green/black stretch snakeskin fabric -- I've been working on the upper half of Aquaman for several months, and had just started thinking about his legs.  Snakeskin is close enough to fish scales for my cosplay tastes, so...

The fabric texture:

And the results:


Response by: JP, March 31st 2016 1:31:04 pm

PS, especially with less-stretchy materials like this (it's only 2-way stretch, not 4-way, and the part with the scales is heavier than ordinary spandex fabric), tights with a center seam in front can be quite uncomfortable on the male anatomy.  An excellent pattern for men's tights with an insert panel in the front is


Response by: saraxhe saraxhe , May 18th 2016 8:26:43 pm

Wow, looks amazing! How did you make the orange scales?

Response by: JP, May 18th 2016 10:19:54 pm

They're veg-tan leather, dyed orange, then glazed with copper acrylic, stitched together with heavy thread.

Response by: AllureBound , July 7th 2016 8:22:46 am

Epic! So much detail, I love it! Stay awesome <3