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My First Ever Latex Creations

This white underwear with black bow is the first thing I've ever made out of latex. The Caribbean Green pencil skirt is the second thing I've ever made out of latex. Both are .20mm. I had a hell of a time trying to get the seam perfect on the pencil skirt as I had very pronounced curves, so there is some imperfections. :( I hope to get better at curved seams in the future though. Anyone have any advice on how to glue curved seams?


Response by: Chloe, May 19th 2016 11:59:21 am

Gluing curved seams def takes practice.  You'll get better the more you do it.  The biggest challenge is to take your take and try not to stretch the material too much.  

Luv what you made ;)

Response by: AllureBound , July 7th 2016 8:17:33 am

Great job! I like to use .5mm latex,  The weight helps and it is stronger. .2mm is best used for trims/ ruffles.

Response by: Kriston, February 5th 2017 3:16:54 pm

Looks great!!