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latex pattern - sizing

hi, I'm new to making latex and I'm having a real hard time adjusting regular patterns to latex to fit my body tightly, how much should I reduce from the regular patterns? any advice is appreciated, thanks!


Response by: AllureBound , September 1st 2016 12:39:35 pm

If your using store brought patterns, the easy way~  use knit based designs measure yourself to the corresponding size and only use the seam allowance on the front / top pattern pieces not bottom/ back. Based on your measurements adjust pattern as needed. Keep length, only alter side seams. Don't forget to reinforce at all major stress points and hems. 

I hope this helps best wishes!




Latex for alluring curves~

Response by: Chloe, September 1st 2016 1:56:10 pm

For areas where you want a tight fit (horizontal measurements like chest, waist, etc) a good rule of thumb is:

  • .20mm: 10% decrease from actual measurements 
  • .35mm: 8% decrease from actual measurements
  • .50mm: 6% decrease from actual measurements
EG: for a miniskirt you are making out of .20mm latex, if the waist measurement is 28 inches, you would make the waist (28 minus 10% of 28) 25.2 inches.  That would give you a good skintight fit.