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latex corset

Hello community,

I'm new, and my english is not all that brilliant. But that is the only forum like that... so I will try it.

I have made already some Latex pieces (underwear, bra, gauntlets, top/ bottom set with a zipper). I will share some pics as soon as I found a possibility to upload the pics without using my "normal" gallery.

Now I want to make a corset.

I know it is difficult. I own several non Latex corsets ans I have sewn already a corset. So I know the basics of corset construction.

How so I have to modify the patterns? I have 1 mm thick Latex ans I want to add a waist tape. So it will not ne stretchy in the waist, but on the top/ bottom. Should I reduce the Pattern in the top/ bottom? If yes, how much?

Ans how to Insert the steel bones? I assume sandwiching at the seams is no good idea, that will weaken the seams too much. Would a additional Latex stripe on the inside work better?

Can I usw a cotton waist tape, soak it with Latex milk ans glue it unser the bones?

Maybe someone can make a picture of the seams/ bones of a existing Latex corset.

That would help very much.

greetings Mahakali

(I'm writing from my mobil... I noticed some typing errors but I can't correct them without deleting everything. Next time I will usw my pc.)


Response by: Chloe, September 7th 2016 11:01:38 am

A general rule of thumb for figuring out the right amount of stretch for tight fitting latex garments is as follows:

  • .20mm thick latex: 10% decrease from actual measurements 
  • .35mm thick latex: 8% decrease from actual measurements
  • .50mm thick latex: 6% decrease from actual measurements
For .80mm latex you wouldn't want to decrease at all, because it will be very tight and restrictive.
To attach boning - what I've seen from corsets I've bought - is that they will sandwich the boning into a strip of latex, and then glue to the corset.  
You could soak cotton in liquid latex, but it seems like more work.
Good luck - and be sure to update us with whichever method you try!

Response by: Mahakali, September 28th 2016 3:20:45 am

Thanks for your helpful hints.

It took a little time, but now it us done.

Response by: Mahakali, September 28th 2016 3:22:54 am

And completely finished:

Response by: Chloe, September 28th 2016 1:22:58 pm

Wow - that looks great!  How is the fit?

Response by: Mahakali, October 7th 2016 9:31:12 am

The fit is very good.

For a corset from non stretchy fabric I normally took the Pattern one size bigger and reduce the waist to get a more curvy shape.

For the latex corset I took the smaller size. And it is fitting very well.

I will try to make a photo.

Response by: majorjam02, April 7th 2023 5:16:08 am

Very nice.