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Making a jacket for halloween, could use suggestion

I'm having trouble finding the correct grey (matte) in a thicker gauge latex so my backup is to get the 0.5mm silver (from here) and figure out how to make it seem a bit more structured. For context I'm making Marty McFly jr's jacket, which is rather loose and puffy.

Does anyone have any experience gluing interfacing or liners to latex to give it more support? I was told that I could, in fact, sew the interfacing to latex but I'd like to avoid any tearing down the road. Would appreciate any tips :)


Response by: JP, September 21st 2016 10:18:55 pm

Haven't done pieces large enough to make a jacket, but it's relatively simple to laminate two sheets of latex together, just use a very fine mist spray adhesive on both faces, do your work on a very flat surface, avoid bubbles, roll out any bubbles you do get.  I've done that for the yoke of a full cape, for the collar and placket of a men's dress shirt, etc.

Suspect it would be very useful to have help doing it for large sheets, to keep even tension and avoid bubbles.