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Yellow .30 mm Latex Suit Used for Performance

My name is Mark. I am a contemporary Artist in Louisville, KY, USA. Here is a performance I did (description at www.vimeo.com/zenbutoisshoni/akinarukaze) using a yellow .30mm latex suit I created from materials bought at MJTrends. This post is just to share.

I did, contrary to common belief of what is possible on this forum, make the gloves out of the sheeting. To all of you who want to do it, go for it. Yes, it was difficult, and yes, the seams should be made with as much strength as possible, and my suggestion is to go for a thin gauge to make them less bulky, but it is possible, and I did it, so hooray :)

For the patterning of the gloves, I did a traditional style glove pattern with a front and back and finger gussets/separate thumb. I suggest this, as opposed to a flat front and back sans gusset style, because I believe the seams will hold better with the added dimension.


あきなる風 from マーク on Vimeo.


Response by: markmarsmark, November 9th 2016 11:11:35 am

The link to the performance on vimeo does not work, so please use this one instead:


Response by: crow-killer, November 10th 2016 11:25:02 pm


How much experience do you have with latex prior to making that suit?