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Recommended glue for cotton-latex bond

Hi everyone!

I would like somebody to recommend me a specific brand of glue.

I want to add snap closures to latex sheeting. I already have the pliers and everything, just dont know what glue I should use to paste the cotton stripes to the latex sheeting.

Also, the pliers dont seem proper to punch the holes on the cotton tape. 

What method do you recommend me to punch holes?

Thank you!


Response by: JP, January 19th 2017 4:28:25 pm

A leather punch works well for putting holes in cotton tape -- make the hole as close to the size of the shaft of the snap as possible.  Slightly small is better than too big, you can work the shaft through the hole to stretch it slightly.  Oversized holes give less support.

Response by: DAVID QUINONES, January 19th 2017 8:31:07 pm

Thank you JP!

Do you know of any glue useful to coat the cotton tape in order to bond it agains latex?

Response by: JP, January 19th 2017 8:35:53 pm

MJTrends' water-based latex cement works well on cotton, wicks into the fibers.  Spread it on wet and let it soak in well.  Depending on how thick the cotton is, you might want to add another coat if all the cement soaks in and there's not much left on the surface.

In a pinch, your local building store probably has water-based latex cement in the carpet installation section, but it's typically thicker and would need to be thinned down, and if you're working on lighter colors it might stain.

Response by: DAVID QUINONES, January 19th 2017 8:41:59 pm

Thanks again JP. Do you know of any well known brand I might use from my local store? I had seen in tutorials they use that normal white milky glue that kids use but I am really uncertain on which one to buy.

Response by: JP, January 22nd 2017 9:48:19 pm

I don't believe an ordinary white school glue wold work -- water-based latex glue looks similar to white glue, but the properties are quite different.