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is anybody tryed to make a (men) thong in latex?


Response by: Chloe, August 25th 2017 8:49:29 pm

Yes - a thong is a great starter project if you've never worked with latex before.  You can draft your own patter fairly quicky and the whole thing together in under an hour.

Response by: BrendaSchaper, May 18th 2019 12:50:12 pm

Oh!  I make thongs all the time.  They are so easy.

Response by: BrendaSchaper, May 18th 2019 12:54:02 pm

When using PVC/Vinyl, I put a sticker under my presser foot to keep fabric from pulling, works great but sticker wears out soon so just replace it.  The presser foot metal makes the vinyl stick so using the sticker gives a smooth surface for fabric to slide thru. OR use baby powder on the fabric and wash off after sewing item.